I'm Passionate About Making a Difference, I'm Passionate About Technology, I'm Passionate About Music

Six Words Stories about Me

Finding my purpose while enjoying life.
I live in New York now.
I study Computer Science at NYU.
GLS is another major of mine.
Study intersection of technology and creativity
I was born in Taipei, Taiwan.
Fueled by dreams, experience with actions.
My official Pottermore result is Ravenclaw
But sometimes I also get Gryffindor
Oh! I speak English and Chinese.
Ich spreche auch ein bisschen Deutsch.
I love boxing, kickboxing and MMA.
I love games with great stories.
Interactive storytelling games are also amazing.
Trying something new? Count me in!
I bungee jumped in Macau once!
Just for fun, I'm an ENTP.
Just for fun, I am an Extroverted-Introvert.
I am currently reading this book.
I play the piano to de-stress.

Things I Did



Follow Melody as she embarks on an audio-visual journey: Bring Color to Your Music! She journeys through the world with her keyboard-brush, and paints and creates original music by interacting with special music-boxes. With that first interaction, she discovers that they could bring colors and joy back into her world.

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Tech@NYU is NYC’s largest student-run organization of hackers, designers & builders. We host events that unite students and help them make stuff. I was in chrage of DemoDays, where students demo the projects they've been working on.